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Joimove Leadership Training Applications 2022 Summer Term

Whether you work in mental health, business, education, coaching, or personal growth, this course is designed to strengthen the mind, enrich community dance classes and events, and enhance joy.

Do you believe in the power of movement and joy? If the answer is yes, you might be the next Joimove® leader! Join Joimove®, the International Joyfulness Organisation’s Summer Instructor Program 2022! (limited seats)


⦁ 12-week program (100+ hours of comprehensive training)
⦁ 3-month semester
⦁ £650 fee (Save 20% when you sign up with a buddy or a group)
⦁ Taught by Selen Yilmaz, CEO of Joimove
⦁ Livestream via Zoom and pre-recorded session options


⦁ Step by step breakdown of 7 different dance styles including Ballet, Bachata, Belly Dance, Cha Cha, Tango, Salsa, Rock ’n’ Roll.
⦁ Joimove communication techniques and how to lead joyful workshops suitable for all ages and abilities.
⦁ Real-time interaction with your instructor
⦁ Joimove® Licence and International Instructor Certificate acrredited by CID, UNESCO
⦁ Digital Instructor Training Manual and online video tutorials to practise basic steps and routines
⦁ Live Q & A sessions with Selen Yilmaz
⦁ Personal Mentorship by your Joimove Trainer
⦁ Free attendance to live Joimove classes on Zoom
⦁ Free membership in our Joimove global community



Joimove® is an international movement that works to create a positive influence in the world by connecting individuals of all ages through dance. With the Joimove® technique and philosophy, we empower all to lead a joyful lifestyle around the world! 
We are proud to be an Institutional Member of CID, UNESCO, Associate Member of People Dancing, the Foundation for Community Dance, Organisational Member of One Dance UK, and Attachment Parenting International.

Our mission is to create a positive, social and integrated atmosphere and connect individuals of all ages to enjoy and celebrate life freely. Our vision is to create a world where we all experience joy in our daily lives and feel connected.

Today, we operate on 4 continents, connecting communities in Belgium, China, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Germany, India, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Macau, Malta, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and the USA. We have 86 leaders and have reached more than 10,000 people so far!


We designed this course for individuals who are interested in running  joyfulness dance workshops and promoting personal well-being.

⦁ Preferably between 21-55 years old
⦁ Knowledge of Joimove
⦁ Experienced in working with groups / teaching community classes.

Join the hundreds of engaged and inspired students who have taken this course! Our Internationally Certified Joimove Instructors and Joimove trainees are; Dancers, Musicians, Health Professionals, Dance Therapists, Psychologists, Academics with years of experience.


Theoretical Program

Week 1-6
⦁ Welcome, Onboarding & Joimove 101
⦁ Health & Safety
⦁ Joyful Communication Strategies
⦁ Business Development
⦁ Dance Leadership
Practical Program

Week 7-12
⦁ Dance routine building
⦁ Attend at least 4 Joimove Classes
⦁ Organize and run at least 4 Joimove classes
⦁ Plan and host a flash-mob event 

Final Assessment
⦁ Submit video of final event


100+ hours of comprehensive training


3 month semester
May 2022 – July, 2022



Get licensed and start teaching virtual and in-person classes right away.

Community Membership

Membership in our Joimove global community

Group Benefits

Save 20% more on your training course when you sign up with a buddy or a group – Fill out our contact form to get started.


Selen Yilmaz is the founder of Joimove, international author, speaker, former academic and professional ballerina.

She holds a Classical Ballet BA (Hons), an Arts Management MA (Hons). She has also studied anatomy, music and dance pedagogy and babywearing. With 25 years of experience performing and teaching Ballet, Modern Dance, Latin, and Argentine Tango, Selen worked with world famous ballet and dance masters.

Besides her dance career Selen has developed her knowledge of health, well-being, and healing and has utilised remedial dance techniques to work with people of all ages and abilities.

She has initiated social responsibility projects for children with special needs and adults with disabilities and care homes. Selen Yilmaz travels the world, meeting with individuals to share her unique techniques and teachings of joy and movement, holds live and online seminars, talks, lectures, and is happily leading the growing family that makes up the Joimove International Community on 4 continents.
For more information on Selen please visit our Founder page.


Joimove's online and live training helped me to adapt my training to suit my needs and those of my community, because each country, city, and class has its own specific skills and needs. At Joimove, I'm always able to ask questions and get the support which helps me to continue to grow. I started my journey with Joimove instructor training and now I have been representing my country since 2016. Now I am one of the Joimove trainers and looking forward to supporting you on your journey.
Ruta Ambrozaitiene

With each instructor who joins, Joimove donates to Lend With Care to support CARE International’s work in developing countries, unlocking the potential for growth and helping to create a more vibrant economy.

Have Questions?

When can I start? Next term will begin on  2nd of May 2022 and will last for 12 weeks. You will receive a link to your welcome call with Selen when you register. 

What is the weekly/monthly time commitment for the training? During the first 6 weeks, you will be focusing on reading the course materials, watching Joimove training videos, and taking part in live sessions and Q&As. During the second half of the course, you will be practising dancing and getting ready for your own classes. The course will likely take 5-10 hours a week. 

How will I access the course materials? Your course will be delivered weekly on Mondays commencing the week of May 2nd, 2022. You can download/print the instructor manuals if you wish or read them online. The course videos cannot be downloaded; however, they can be watched on any device and streamed at your convenience. 

Are there any prerequisites? After receiving your application, we will contact you to schedule a video chat/interview with you.

Are there any extra or additional fees? Your 2022 membership fees are included in your training cost. If you want to continue as an active member for 2023, your annual membership fee will be £100.

With this certificate, where can I teach? You can teach internationally at sports and leisure centres, dance schools, community and wellbeing centers, public and private organisations, and more. There are no geographic restrictions.

How can I access Joimove classes during my training? You will receive an invitation link to join online Joimove sessions with Selen and Joimove Trainers.

Can I still design my own dance and exercise routines after my training? Yes, the Joimove technique is flexible and encourages instructors to build on their own uniqueness.

I trained in dance or fitness instruction years ago. Is this course still suitable for me? If you have a dance/sports instruction background, but have not been working in the field recently, this training is still suitable for you.

I don’t have any formal dance training. Can I still join? Please fill in the application form and get in touch.  We have extremely skilled Joimove leaders in our team who had no prior formal dance education. You might become one of them!

Can I get a refund? Because of the nature of the materials and training, once you have access to your course materials there will be no refunds.

If I can’t attend one of the live sessions, will I be able to watch it later? The Q&A sessions will be recorded, but the live Joimove sessions are not. You will have unlimited access to our on-demand Joimove sessions as part of your learning. 

Does the training include insurance for instructors? As a Joimove graduate, you will become an internationally certified and independent instructor. Your current Public Liability or/and Professional Indemnity insurance for sports/dance/fitness/yoga/movement teachers will continue to cover your Joimove classes.

I only want to teach classes for the elderly/only for new moms with babies. Is this course for me? This intensive summer course will provide you with the Joimove fundamentals. You will become a Joimove instructor and start running Joimove joyfulness dance and wellbeing classes for all. If after your training you want to gain expertise in one of our specific programs like Dance with Babies Babywearing dance, or Joimove Seniors, you can choose to sign up for personalised training with Joimove trainers upon graduation.

What programme/apps do I need to use at Joimove Training? ZOOM for video meetings, WhatsApp for group connections, and Google Docs/Microsoft Office/another document reader to view and create text files and Google account to access your cloud storage.

What are the dates and times of the live Q & As? Every Sunday 6pm UK time (1pm Eastern) via Zoom.

What if I miss one of the Q & As with Selen? We will record each session so you can view it at your convenience. In addition, we would encourage you to keep in contact with other students and our team online via WhatsApp. This will be a great resource for you and will offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other students and submit questions for Selen if you cannot make one of the live Q & As.

Our Joimove Family

Our amazing Joimove Instructors run their Joimove classes and events regularly in the cities they live but they are always happy to travel and take Joimove whereever they go. Meet our amazing Joimove team members, join their sessions or host a session and invite them.



Contact: Selen Yilmaz / Founder JOIMOVE

Contact: Kaye Smith / Trainee Joimove 

Contact: Vanessa Leamy Corsini / Certified Joimove Instructor


Contact: Michelle Anderson / Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor


Contact: Gail McGlin / Certified Joimove Instructor


Contact: Nadia Atmouni / Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor


Contact: Michelle Mcbennett / Trainee Joimove Family


Contact: Ally Baker / Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor



Contact: Eszter Szalma / Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor

Contact: Hollie Pita Carr / Certified Joimove Instructor

Contact: Kelly Tison / Trainee Joimove 

Contact: Reka Felegyhazi / Trainee Joimove 


Contact: Phill Armstrong/ Trainee Joimove 



Contact: Julia Lorincz / Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor

Contact: Julia Sepsi / Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor



Contact: Yudaly Peña / Representative Joimove Belgium



Contact: Lili Boesen / Representative Joimove Denmark



Contact: Vanessa Leamy Corsini / Representative Joimove Italy



Contact: Ruta Ambrozaitiene / National Representative of Lithuania, Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor

Contact: Lauryna Ziziene / Certified Joimove Babies Instructor

Contact: Lauksmina Kriščiūnaitė-Plikšnienė / Certified Joimove Babies Instructor


Contact: Kristina Butkiene / Certified Joimove Babies Instructor


Contact: Indre Neimante/ Certified Joimove Babies Instructor



Contact: Ana Maria Mihai / Trainee Joimove


Contact: Hazal Sokullu / Certified Joimove Instructor



Contact: Cigdem Ozkan/ Trainee Joimove 



Contact:  Niyaz Bildik/ Joimove Turkey Representative, Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor

Contact: Basak Sonmez / Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor

Contact: Gozde Durgu / Certified Joimove Babies and Kids Instructor

Contact: Didem Mulayimsi / Certified Joimove Babies and Joimove Kids Instructor

Contact: Zehra Dorter / Certified Joimove Babies and Joimove Kids Instructor

Contact: Sinem Erim Tipi / Certified Joimove Babies and Joimove Kids Instructor

Contact: Gulcin Gurses Eroglu / Joimove Ambassador, Certified Joimove Instructor

Contact: Mehmet Nuri Arkan / Joimove Ambassador, Certified Joimove Instructor

Contact: Firat Neziroglu / Joimove Ambassador, Certified Joimove Instructor


Contact: Basak Gunes Kolcuer / Representative Joimove Izmir, Certified Joimove Babies, Kids, Friends Instructor

Contact: Melis Tutenyurd / Representative Joimove Izmir, Certified Joimove Babies, Kids, Friends Instructor

Contact: Muyesser Pirinc / Trainee Joimove 


Contact: Gamze Pelin Demircan / Certified Joimove Babies Instructor

Contact: Basak Ozbek /  Certified Joimove Kids Instructor


Contact: Ebru Turel / Certified Joimove Babies Instructor


Contact: Cisem Ozkan / Trainee Joimove



Contact: Caroline Sakla / Certified Joimove Babies & Kids Instructor


Contact: Kailey McNeill / Certified Joimove Babies Instructor


Contact: Rachael Loudenslager / Joimove Babies Trainee



Contact: Sandra Azavedo / Joimove Trainee



Contact: Neha Basu / Joimove Trainee


Contact: Mariana Granados Wiseman / Joimove Ambassador, Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor

Contact: Monica Marcela Martinez / Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor


Contact: Becky Gauci Maistre / Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor



Contact: Diana Chendana / Joimove Taiwan’s Representative, Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor

Contact: Phoebe Chiang / Certified Joimove Babies Instructor

Contact: Chu Ming-Yu / Certified Joimove Babies Instructor

Contact: Wu, Hsiu Chuan / Certified Joimove Babies Instructor


Contact: Tiffany Lim & Kevin Lim / Joimove Representatives of Singapore, Certified Joimove Instructor, Certified Dance with Babies & Kids Instructor

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