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JOY + MOVE = JOIMOVE! We believe by creating more joyful actions together we can make the world a happier place for everyone!

Joimove empowers all to lead a joyful lifestyle around the world! Today, Joimove operates in Belgium, China, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Germany, India, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Macau, Malta, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and USA.

4 Continents.

86 Leaders.

10,000 Families.

We are proud to be an Institutional Member of CID, UNESCO, Associate Member of People Dancing, the Foundation for Community Dance, Organisational Member of One Dance UK and Attachment Parenting International.

Get Joimove at the comfort of your own home!

Give yourself a gift of Joimove – the joy of the movement to a variety of dance workouts, designed for all ages, no need for any dance background to get results.

Fun, relaxed and easy!

In your 40 minute Joy Booster capsule you will get: salsa, cha cha, rock and roll, bachata, belly dancing, ballet and the magnificent selection of Joimove music. Discover our best-selling Joimove classes now at home!


BA (Hons) Classical Ballet, MBA (Hons) Arts Management

“I was a professional ballerina and academic with 20 years dancing and teaching experience. After having my baby I started the Dance with Babies project in 2012 in Glasgow. In a short time it became a world-wide babywearing dance phenomenon. Then, with the help of my amazing team members across the world, I created Joimove, an International Joyfulness Organisation. From pre and post natal to elderly, we design and deliver joyful projects, music and movement workshops for all ages!

In 2016 we added health and wellness to our offerings. This was inspired by my daughter’s experiences with cancer. Joimove brought us joy even in the hospital room, during and after the treatment. 

I believe spreading joy is the most magical way of living our lives!

Selen Yilmaz

Who are the Joimove Instructors?

Dancers, Musicians, Health Professionals, Dance Therapists, Psychologists, Academics… 


Our Training program is Online since 2013 and gives international certification recognised by CID, UNESCO. We always welcome professionals to our instructors and ambassadors team to expand our joyful impact on the world. Get in touch today to start your training!

By joining our instructor training programme, you will also be helping to tackle poverty abroad. We proudly support Lend with Care and have so far helped 318 entrepreneurs and 841 family members in developing countries.

Kapirum Consulting

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