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What is Joimove?

Joimove is a community of people that want to spend time together and share joyful moments, using joimove dance classes as a tool.

JOY + MOVE = JOIMOVE! We believe by creating more joyful actions together we can make the world a happier place for everyone!

Why choose Joimove? 

Joimove is a recognised, approved and certified program that answers the need of;

  • Connecting with your body and mind
  • Having a joyful moment in your day
  • Socialising and making friends
  • Exercising without stressing or hurting your body
  • Mental wellbeing relief from stress, anxiety, sadness and routine
  • Sense of body positivity and confidence boost
  • Feeling energised and uplifted

Who are Joimove instructors?  

All Joimove instructors have undergone Joimove training program led by Joimove founder, Selen Yilmaz, and come from a variety of backgrounds including Dancers, musicians, health professional, dance therapists, psychologists and educators!

Who can get involved?  

ANYONE! Joimove can benefit individuals who have fitness as a primary goal and are seeking a lifestyle modification. It can also benefit school/ universities/ small charities/ corporate organisations by providing tailored motivational talks and team building activities to incorporate more joy into your workplace!

Joimove empowers all to lead a joyful lifestyle around the world! Today, Joimove operates in Belgium, China, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Germany, India, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Macau, Malta, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and USA.

4 Continents.

86 Leaders.

10,000 Families.

We are proud to be an Institutional Member of CID, UNESCO, Associate Member of People Dancing, the Foundation for Community Dance, Organisational Member of One Dance UK and Attachment Parenting International.

Selen Yilmaz / Founder of JOIMOVE, International Author and Speaker BA (Hons) Classical Ballet, MBA (Hons) Arts Management

Hello, I’m Selen.

My biggest passion is: People! The fact that we are all uniquely interconnected has always fascinated me.

When Joimove came into my life as my second child, I had just given birth to my daughter and moved to Scotland. The expat life I built away from my family and friends, starting everything from scratch and the postpartum period were shaping together.

During this time, back in 2012, my dance workshops changed many lives, including mine! I was aware of how we were all starting to feel happier, and I was committed to making more people feel loved and less lonely!

Until then, I had different professions in many branches of the performing arts, especially as a professional ballet dancer, as an academician, choreographer, art director and ballet writer.
I have always kept the social responsibility projects at the center of my life. It is an endless pleasure for me to work with individuals of all ages and abilities.

Joimove was born from the desire to multiply this joyful effect. It has been developed with a multidisciplinary, social and holistic approach that helps us to recover physically and emotionally, especially in the face of difficult events in our lives.

Today, from universities to hospitals, workplaces to schools, care homes to community centres Joimove continues to transform lives joyfully with wonderful team of instructors and ambassadors.

I am delighted to be the mother of our Joimove and work together spreading joy as a global family.


Get Joimove at the comfort of your own home!

Give yourself a gift of Joimove – the joy of the movement to a variety of dance styles designed for all ages, no need for any dance background to get results.

Fun, relaxed and easy!

In your 40 minute Joy Booster capsule you will get: salsa, cha cha, rock and roll, bachata, belly dancing, ballet and the magnificent selection of Joimove music. Discover our best-selling Joimove classes now at home!




Our Training program is Online since 2013 and gives international certification recognised by CID, UNESCO. We always welcome professionals to our instructors and ambassadors team to expand our joyful impact on the world. Get in touch today to start your training!

By joining our instructor training programme, you will also be helping to tackle poverty abroad. We proudly support Lend with Care and have so far helped 318 entrepreneurs and 841 family members in developing countries.




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