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Vanessa Leamy Corsini

National Representative of Italy, International Tango Artist and Teacher

Dance has always been part of my life since I was a child. I trained professionally as a ballet dancer in Florence, Italy. I have explored different dance styles such as flamenco, contemporary, jazz and folklore. Having in recent years discovered Argentine tango I have devoted myself to use the power of social dancing to bring people together and build connections.

I currently reside in Glasgow, Scotland where I founded Glasgow Tango Collective and now I am teaching, performing and developing the tango community in Glasgow and across Scotland.

Dancing has always been pivotal to my happiness. Discovering Joimove and being part of this amazing team is allowing me to celebrate life. I look forward to share my love of dancing with babies, families and individuals from all backgrounds.

Selenโ€™s Yilmaz positive attitude and generous spirit, combined with a great network of support and expert training has made my transition into becoming a Joimove leader!

I am now completing my training of Joimove babies, kids, ladies and friends programs. I am getting excited to deliver classes and events in Glasgow and across Scotland and also becoming the Joimove representative for Italy.

My mission is to continue spreading joy by making dancing more accessible, creating stronger connections within indiduals, families and communities and celebrating life though the power of movement.

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