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Phoebe Chiang

Certified Joimove Babies Instructor Taipei, Taiwan



I began to learn dance from the age of 3, and dance became part of my life.

After graduation, I started teaching children aged 2 to 6 in a kindergarten in Taipei.

I get the selfless love from the children and discover that the children have a lot of amazing imagination.But it is inevitable that children who are insecure or emotionally unstable will want to know more about them.Why are they unhappy?Why lot of hugs make them feel better?Why are they afraid of the teacher leaving?Most of the reasons for these unhappiness are the unfulfilled needs of infancy and early childhood.

In order to know more about the children’s needs, I continued to study and study, participated in the performance of the children’s theater company, and learned the benefits of drama therapy. I went to the parent-child course with my sister’s baby.Until I came into contact with my babywearing, I found that it was the best way to give my baby a sense of security. Not only can my mother spare her hands to do things, but also to comfort the baby.The security can stabilize the mood, reduce the baby’s separation anxiety, the baby happy mother also happy.

So what can mommy with the baby do with the baby to create happy memories?Dance together!The dancing atmosphere is so pleasant, music can drive the body, the brain produces the happy pheromone.From 2016, I joined Joimove, and every time I watched the children’s happy little heels dancing together with music, I believe it is the expression of happiness and love. Joimove teaches me a lot of good ways to dance with baby and mom. Hopefully this love will last forever.


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Sunday, 3:30PM
Location: No.28, Lane 420, Sec.5, Cheng-gong Rd., Nei-Hu, Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei/ Taiwan

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