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Nur Niyaz Bildik

National Representative Joimove Turkey, Founder and Choreographer at NBDT

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National Representative Joimove Turkey, Founder and Choreographer at NBDT

Nur Niyaz Bildik  / Joimover, DancerNational Representative, Joimove TurkeyEarly Years Dance Consultant – Joimove International School of Babywearing DanceCertified Joimove Babies, Kids, Ladies InstructorFounder – Storytelling and DanceClassical Ballet, Yoga, Dance, Synchronised Swimming InstructorID:1002TUR2014

Hi! I have a daughter Serra and wonderful husband Volkan who is a product manager, complete my life as a dance leader who is addicted to spread the joy of dance! My life is established to find a quite equilibrium between those three role. When, sometimes, one of this three pods of my life become shorter , dancing helps me to find the way, and helps me to stay on my centre.

The dance is in my life since my age of 3. I started with gymnastics, continued having education of classical ballet, contemporary dance, coaching Turkish National Synchronised Swimmers and instructing yoga. I’m the owner of INANNA Women Awareness Centre where women can find the support for all periods of their lives -like motherhood, pregnancy, menopause…-physically, mentally and emotionally. I completed also my certification process on storytelling and created the unique “Storytelling and Dance” classes in İstanbul.

Since 2013 i have classes for both Joimove Babies and Kids. This year I started my classes of Joimove Ladies and proudly become the Joimove Turkey Coordinator. What exactly excites me in JOIMOVE is that as a dance leader you become a perfect “facilitator of dance” not “teacher”. Especially young students who learn everything on web in this “finger slide” era, need you much more because you make them move in a wholeness and all together and you have a different style to lead the class! And of course the youngest ones, from newborn to toddlers, who perceive the world emotionally obtain positive senses because with the gentle parenting they feel secure, with good vibrations of music they experience the joy from the early steps of their lives!

I appreciate the mission of JOIMOVE who tended to spread the joy of dance globally and happy to receive the very first fruit of it with my lovely girl.

With peace and love,

Nur Niyaz.

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