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Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson / Certified Joimove Instructor

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Joimove Glasgow Scotland

I am a mum to two little perfect boys, Ethan and Charlie. My Joimove Babies® Journey started over two years ago, when I attended the West End Class weekly with my own boys. In January 2015, I decided to leave my office job, as a PMO analyst, to join the JOIMOVE team.
The training programme was very thorough. As well as Dancing, Selen also taught us about choreography, safe baby wearing dancing. Post-natal health and also focused on health and safety aspects. This allowed me to feel confident in my new role.

Every day I get to dance with dancing friends, meeting like-minded parents and carers, as well as getting to dance with their gorgeous babies/children. I love being part of the international community and our instructors work well together as a team. Selen is a great mentor and friend. Being able to choose the days and times I work is a great help, allowing me to work around my family.  My aim for next year is to mentor new instructors, allowing our Joimove business to expand into more areas around Glasgow/Scotland.

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Glasgow / Scotland

“My wee girl absolutely loves going to Dancing with Toddlers class (as do I). Michelle is fab she makes it really fun and I would highly recommend the classes!” Alison / Glasgow

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