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Lauryna Žižienė

Doula, Joimove Babies Instructor, Lithuania

Brief info

Šokiai su kūdikiais nešioklėse/Joimove baby. Šokiai skirti šeimoms su kūdikiais nuo 1.5 mėn iki tol kol visi jaučiasi komfortiškai šokdami nešioklėse. Šokama - salsa, ča ča, valsas, baletas, rokenrolas ir kt.

I am a mother of three beautiful children who allow me to learn and discover something new every day. I am also a doula for women who are looking for motherly support during their pregnancy and the birth. It is very important for me to empower women to having a birth while discovering the greatest treasures in themselves. I accompany the woman in conscious motherhood and, when necessary, in childbirth. I wholeheartedly wish that every woman would take the most beautiful story out of giving birth.

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to dance, even after finishing my career as a professional dancer. When I hear the music my body moves without questioning itself, it happens deep in my heart. While living in a modern society where there is a lot of individualism and families are focused on themselves, I feel a great need to be a part of community that unites. We become a universe, children of the whole world, become children of all, you care about their well-being, wish them the greatest happiness and joy. After I heard about Joimove community, I felt how much I wanted to become a part of it, along with the Lithuanian families sharing this beautiful dance with me. I wish to guide you through discovering yourself through the dance creating joy inside and around yourself.


I was graduated from Klaipeda University, Faculty of Arts, choreography. For almost 19 years I was a dancer of the main sport dance ensemble ‘Zuvedra’. I am 3-time World, European Champion, as well awarded by Gedimino 5 Order of Merits for Lithuanians.

I practice a Tibetan bowl massage, the vibration of which leads to deep relaxation. During the therapy, the healing process takes place, the blocks are dissolved, and the immunity is strengthened. The main purpose of massage is to restore the harmony of the body.
Just recently I have finally fulfilled my old dream and became a VU psychology student.

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