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Lauksmina Kriščiūnaitė Plikšnienė

Musician, Dancer, Certified Joimove Instructor

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Lauksmina Kriščiūnaitė Plikšnienė / Joimove Lithuania

Joimove Instructor / LithuaniaID:10061LTH2019

I always considered dancing as empowering, freeing and stress relieving activity. Singing and dancing for me is the best way to relax after long working day, or when I need to boost myself for the new day, or when I need to clean my head from dark thoughts. It can be used in so many situations! My passion is Lindy Hop and Lithuanian folklore, though I find myself dancing to so many different music styles – every mood dictates its own music style.

When I gave birth to my baby girl and discovered babywearing dances I was so excited that I decided not only to dance it with my baby girl but to spread this dancing style further by becoming Joimove instructor.

My hope is to inspire people (mums, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.) to dance with there little ones to the music that they enjoy the most, to encourage people to find their own way of dancing with their baby as a partner, to transmit their positive energy through dancing to their babies. And of course to continue this joyful path with the little ones when they start dancing on their own. 


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Vilnius/ Scotland

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