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Julia Sepsi

Joimove Babies & Kids Instructor / Ireland

My name is Julia Sepsi, I’m Hungarian, I live in Dublin since 2006. I’m a mother of 2 beautiful children, a boy who is 18 and my girl is 19 months old. I’m working retail as a store manager. I studied to be an accountant. I lived in Canada Toronto for 2 years.When I was younger I use to do different type of sports, but something was always missing (dance) I love music and dance, I always have. I do zumba and I’ll be a certified instructor next month. I’m so family oriented. I love cooking and baking. Now I wanted to do something different,  that is why I’m here Joimovers! To be happy, healthy and never be alone! I’m dancing with my little girl every day since she was born. We always do this at home, I want to go out and then show what we have . I’m working full time and I know lot’s of mothers who in the same situation and want to be with their babies after work. JOIMOVE babies and kids dance class will be the best thing to do together. I look forward to completing Joimove Babies and Kids Instructor Training Programs, becoming a babywearing peer supporter and can’t wait to start and dance and have fun and help for others!


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Dublin / Ireland

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