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Joana Gudziuniene

Certified Joimove Community Instructor

I am the director of Youth and Students Learning Center and volunteer music & emotional intelligence teacher at Viltis (Hope). Viltis is a strong community of children with special needs and their families in Jonava. When I met these kids there were no doubts, they would love to dance, but for that they have to hear the music, feel it and simply try it! I was sure they will love that, and I was right.

I needed some help and advice, to learn how to deliver joy of music and movement to my special group. Moreover, that it would be challenging enough, but at the same time I wanted to provide them something they would enjoy and have fun.

Selen and her Joimove methodology was a great discovery for me and constant support not only leads to improving my work but also helps to bring joy to Viltis (Hope) group. After class they all shine! They smile! They are happy! So do I! So their parents!


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Kaunas / Lithuania

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