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Annalisa Fedele

Midwife /Certified Joimove Instructor Bournemouth, UK

Annalisa Fedele / Bournemouth, UK

​My name is Annalisa, I’m Italian and I currently live in Bournemouth (UK). I’m a qualified midwife since 2011 and mum of two precious daughters! I’ve always danced since I was little, especially ballet, modern-jazz and contemporary style. Dancing is a passion, the art I use to escape from everyday life, where I feel happy and free. And I aim to transmit these feelings to everyone I have got the pleasure to see at my Joimove groups.I also work as a community midwife, looking after mums and babies from the very early pregnancy to the end of the post-natal period (till 28 days after birth). I am trained in safeguarding children and adults, BLS and NLS (newborn life support). I’m also an Infant Massage Instructor and, as an advocate of natural birth, I am also trained in Hypnobirthing. I believe that, as humans, we need to be part of a small and familiar community to feel safe, happy and comforted. Society is sometimes bringing us far from each other and makes us feels lonely, so I aim to support families to find joy in my Joimove groups, a great opportunity for parents to bond with their babies and meet new parents.

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