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Conversion and Integration of Yin-Yang Balance through Tango

Joimove Couples inspired by its Yin Technique™ happens by purification of body and mind without spending too much energy or focusing how to do it. This brings comfortably together with strong awareness, physical domination and a dynamic dance.

Restorative, Revitalizing, Reconnecting

Each session includes Yin Yoga warm up, unity and duality practice and dancing in the moment approach. Energy in dance exists in conversion and integration of yin-yang balance. You experience unity and duality forms in Joimove Couples, Yin Technique™. This dance experience leads you to the level of energy you need whilst eliminating blockages, judgement and hesitation.

WHY Tango is wonderful for all ages?

The aim is to make tango accessible to everyone and through dancing tango improve health and happiness. Tango can enrich the mind, body and spirit and allows individuals to express themselves and communicate with others and have fun in a positive, social and integrated atmosphere.

WHAT we love about tango dancing?

Explore tango beyond sets and routines and enjoy the benefits of participating in this wonderful dance, the essence of which is a language of communication through music and body movements. No experience of tango or other dance is necessary to join the group and you do not need to come with a partner.

WOULD you like to join us?

We believe dancing tango is priceless gift you deserve to give yourself. All are welcome into our community! Contact us to join one of our workshops or organise a class, weekend workshop for your event.

Contact: [email protected]

When you dance beyond the borders and teachings you discover a momentary door opens to the endless communication between two people.” ~ Selen Yilmaz / Founder of Joimove International

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