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The Joimove Scarf Hack for Babywearing

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The Joimove Scarf Hack for Babywearing

We love babywearing, and we know lots of babies who love it too! It is so important to find the comfortable and safe carrier that fits you and baby correctly, and that means that baby’s head, neck, body and legs and your spine need to be supported.

When you arrive at a Joimove Babies session, or if you have been there before, you may see our instructors help participants with narrow-based carriers using the Joimove Scarf Hack or even replace their carriers with fully ergonomic ones. If your carrier isn’t providing knee-to-knee support for baby, a gentle, cuddly shape for your baby’s spine, and comfortable positioning for yourself, the Joimove Scarf Hack can help you out as you begin your search for a carrier that’s ergonomically correct for you both.[/az_column_text][az_gallery_images images_gallery=”2423″ gallery_layout=”grid-gallery” carousel_gallery_item=”6″ carousel_gallery_item_tablet=”3″ carousel_gallery_item_mobile=”1″ carousel_gallery_navigation=”false” carousel_gallery_pagination=”false” carousel_gallery_autoplay=”false” gallery_columns_count=”2clm”][az_column_text animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”]

1-Put on your carrier and check that the size adjustments are set correctly. Straps should be pulled tightly and baby should be sitting high enough that you can kiss your baby on her head. 

2-Fold a 2-meter long scarf in half.

3-Tuck the centre of the folded scarf in between the carrier and your stomach.

4-Open the scarf and move one half to each side of your body.

5-Place baby deep in the carrier facing inwards, supporting her bottom, legs, and knees with the help of the scarf.

6-Tighten the scarf, gently lifting baby’s knees so that they are naturally higher than her hipbones. *Remember: never force a baby’s body into any position.

7-Tuck the scarf into the side straps of your carrier.

8-Knot the scarf at your back.

9-Do not forget to support baby’s head and neck with your hand!

10-Let’s get dancing!

Read more about babywearing dance safety here. To help you in your search, check out some of the great advantages of a local sling library, babywearing peer supporters and consultants in your area!


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