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Looking closely at what it really is in life that makes me joyful, feeling able to leave my worries at the door and focus on being free during my time at the class.

Joimove Families offers unique, special family events, fundraising meet-ups, and organised community flash mobs where families can share their love of music, the benefits of dancing, and the power of moving together with their children and every member of the family.

JOIMOVE BABIES is an award-winning family-oriented program for adults with babies under 18 months old. You can introduce your baby not only to new friends, but also to the wonderful world of babywearing and new styles of music and movement including latin dance, ballet, belly and boogie.

JOIMOVE KIDS is fun, sociable and creative movement program has been created for children from 18 months old. Specifically designed for adults who want to take a dance class and bring their children along with them and enriching the imagination and encouraging children to communicate through music, dancing and drama.

JOIMOVE JUNIOR is for children aged 9 -18 years old enjoy benefits of dancing, music and active living thorough Joimove parties and workshops. This program has been created to keep juniors upbeat, having fun, and staying active.

Joimove Community offers a great selection of community workshops where adults share their spirit of joy, being in the moment and celebrating life by moving together!

JOIMOVE FRIENDS aimed at employees in the corporate and non-profit world, here individuals can socialize and build stronger connections within a relaxing, cheerful workshop environment. Here it’s easy to develop new friends, embrace differences, have fun, keep active and enjoy living in the moment.

JOIMOVE COUPLES program aims to grow the love and happiness between couples. It is fun, energizing, balancing, and refreshing, empowering relationships through great music and dance

JOIMOVE LADIES described by participants as the elixir of life,” is a low-impact movement class designed for women. Dance helps improve cognitive function and fitness levels, plus the classes give participants a chance to laugh, feel revitalised, and get energised. Sessions combine energetic, hot, and artistic dance steps with great music, giving participants opportunities to meet new friends, and there’s no need for a partner. 

JOIMOVE SPA is a revitalising, energising, healing practice blend of Yin Dance, Restorative Yoga, Breath-work, Meditation, Stretching and Balance flows. Joimove Yin Technique brings together a strong awareness of your physical being and is paired with dynamic dance.

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