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Joimove® Babies with Eszter – Xmas Special


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Happy Holidays!

This is JOIMOVE Babies Xmas Special! Safe babywearing dance class recorded by Eszter, Joimove’s London representative. It is a low impact dance class for adults with babies from 8 weeks to 24 months (or above).

Fantastic opportunity to have a gentle exercise with jolly songs of the season! Discover wonderful benefits of babywearing dancing, introduce your baby to new styles of music and movement including salsa, rocky, belly, swing and ballet and a lot more…..

This recorded class is carefully designed for mums/ or dads who carry their babies in the sling, so no jumping or hard exercise include. Also, expectant moms can join or anyone who likes to dance a little bit with or without the baby in the sling you can still dance with us). This is a great opportunity to keep fit and feels energetic after participating in the class. The routines starting with warm-up and building up with faster movements, and the class is finish with a cooling done and that includes a short meditation for you to switch off your mind and relax.

Easy to access

Click on “add to cart” and follow instructions to the checkout page. If you have a coupon code you can add during the checkout. Once you purchase your Class Pack you will get an email confirmation to access the link. 

You can stream from your mobile phone or tablet as well as any computer and reach classes anytime.

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