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IBDD2016 – An amazing success of a global babywearing dance

IBDD2016 – An amazing success of a global babywearing dance

Wouldn’t you agree Babywearing Dance Week and Day were amazing! Everything we’ve seen and heard shows that it was a spectacular success, with families from 5 continents all coming together in spirit to celebrate the beauty, the passion and the experience of babywearing dance.

A total of 18 different groups took part across the world to share the passion and visions of IBDD. It’s awe inspiring to think that even though we were all dancing in our own communities, together we created an energy, a buzz and a community feel, a collective movement of babywearing dancers and babywearers around the world.

More than just about sharing the moment with our babies, (which of course is beautiful and very important), IBDD built itself on the promise to share babywearing dance safety and good-practice. And everyone who took part in IBDD really did take that on board. Just look at everyone’s websites, social feeds and videos and you’ll see how babywearing safety has really been brought to the fore. (We’re definitely honoured that everyone is sharing our PEACE and SAFE guidelines with their communities in order to promote safe babywearing dancing).

And this year’s IBDD definitely made a lasting impression around the world, with everyone dancing the beautiful “Love is This” routine and working together to smash the Guinness Book of World Records for total number of people babywearing dancing to the same routine worldwide (we still have to get confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records about whether we did in fact break it, but we’ll let you know when we hear from them). Either way, go us!!

From all of us at Joimove, we want to send out a super huge thank you to the IBDD team. We’re proud to be co-founder organisation of this wonderful initiative and know it can’t have been easy getting an international week of celebration off the ground, so thank you for all your hard work and dedication. And to everyone who participated, watched and believed in IBDD, thank you too! Without you, IBDD wouldn’t have been as successful as it turned out to be.

Can’t wait to hear what’s in store for IBDD 2017; dancing for our ourselves, for our communities and for the world. Watch IBDD website for updates

Here is the IBDD2016 video highlighting by all participants from 5 continents.


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