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Joimove at Home

A joyful workout! Fun, relaxed and easy way of practising all of Joimove dance styles at the comfort of your own home. Give yourself a gift of Joimove – the joy of the movement to a variety of dance workouts, designed for all ages, no need for any dance background to get results. 

In your 40 minute Joy Booster Capsule you will get: salsa, cha cha, rock and roll, bachata, belly dancing, ballet and the magnificent selection of Joimove music.

Joyful Dancing for All 

You will need no equipment because all you need is space to move safely. Joimove workouts are suitable for all regardless of fitness level. Joimove sets are like Lego blocks – add one to another for variation!  You can follow at your own pace and adjust it to your own level of exercise.

Our participants call Joimove ‘The Elixir of Life’. Basic moves from all dance styles come together with ease and joy and bring joy and playfulness to your day. Joimove boosts your mood from the first song and keeps you motivated all day long.

At Home Packages

  • 30 to 60 minute dance fitness workouts.
  • Fun and easy to follow.
  • Greatest selections of music from the 1950’s to nowadays.
  • 8 dance styles in each Joy Booster session where each dance focuses on a different group of muscles.

Once you purchase your Class Pack you will get an email confirmation to access the link. 

You can stream from your mobile phone or tablet as well as any computer with an secure internet connection. Your on demand classes never expire so if you want to practise later or at any time!

Discover our best-selling, fully booked Joimove classes now at home!

Joimove Kids with Selen and Lydia

This is a fun and creative dance class brought to you by Selen and her daughter Lydia. Their Joimove Kids session includes all the joyful dance styles of Joimove. From pop and ballet through teddy bear picnic and rock and roll Joimove Kids session engages both body and mind with beautiful dance routines.

Joimove Joy Booster Workout Level 1  

Joy Booster is a combination of Joimove Ladies & Friends sets. It is a 30 minute Joimove dance workout with Selen. 8 wonderful tracks of Joimove music and routines includes – Salsa, Latin Cardio, Mambo, Belly Dance, Cha cha, Rock n Roll, Ballet and relaxing Cooldown.

Joimove Joy Booster Workout Level 2

30 minute Joimove dance workout with Selen accompanied by professional ballet dancers and certified Joimove instructors. 8 wonderful tracks of Joimove music and routines includes – Bachata, Latin Cardio, Mambo, Belly Dance, Pop, Rock n Roll, Ballet and relaxing Cooldown.

Pre-recorded Joimove Ladies Zoom session led by Selen

With 30 or 60 minute versions of Joimove dance workout series. 8 or 16 wonderful tracks of Joimove music and routines includes – Bachata, Latin Cardio, Mambo, Belly Dance, Pop, Rock n Roll, Ballet and relaxing Cooldown.

Joimove Babies with Eszter

Joimove Babies at Home! Our award winning Joimove Babies classes are now available online with Eszter. Fantastic opportunity to have a gentle exercise and while you are dancing with your baby to salsa, rocky, belly, swing and ballet and a lot more…..


Joyful Ballet for Adults Level 1

60 minute ballet class with Selen. Suitable for absolute beginners and experienced beginners. This session comes with a Class Pack where you can find all tracks in the playlist, including introductions, demonstrations with and without music, terminology and bonus videos. It has everything that you need for a quality dance session where you choose the length and the moves!

Dance with Your Baby at Home

Learn step by step from the basics of baby carriers, safety whilst dancing and join a fun, loving Joimove Babies class explained and demonstrated by Joimove’s founder, Dance with Babies book author Selen.

“The Joimove dance classes have been a lifeline for me for some years, keeping me fit and mentally well during difficult times. Now during lockdown, the online classes have been essential for my well being. I have maintained fitness, and keeping in touch with you, and the other ladies has been very enjoyable.” Mary, Scotland 

“I am eternally grateful to my friend for introducing your classes to me. I look forward to them immensely and it cheers up my day. You have made lock down bearable! I used to teach Jazz Ballet in my early days in travel and I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be dancing again. We are talking over 30 years ago. But you have rekindled my excitement and love of dance and for that I can’t thank you enough.” Anna, England 

“Last week was my first ballet class with Selen. Generally I find it very hard to relax especially now with worldwide virus crisis and a lot of uncertainty going around. But during the class I felt so relaxed and didn’t want it to end! And then I realised how much I actually needed this peace. It’s great to have this class in the comfort of your own home. I will be joining this class again next week. Thank you Selen!” Kristine, Latvia 

“Selen and Lydia are full of energy, positivity and fun! It is great for kids but also always a special moment to have as a family! We even have recommended it to friends and now they are joining too.” Martina, Italy 

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