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How to Adapt Narrow Based Baby Carrier to Dance

How to Adapt Narrow Based Baby Carrier to Dance

Not all baby carriers are created equal. It’s not that narrow based carriers are not safe; they all undergo rigorous testing before you buy them. It’s not even that many of them aren’t ergonomic for baby and wearer (though this should indeed be a factor when choosing a carrier or sling).

Rather, the issue is more about what you’re planning on doing while wearing your baby. Walking around town? No problem. As long as it is suitable for your baby’s age and size and ergonomically fitted well most carriers and slings are suitable for this type of activity. Going hill walking? Better think twice about wearing baby in a pouch. Think of the carrier like shoes, you wouldn’t wear heels to climb a mountain so why would you wear a baby in a pouch if you’re dancing?

Having a sling or carrier for all the different activities you could possibly undertake with your precious bundle really isn’t a manageable or realistic solution. More than just getting expensive, it can also mean having a rather large collection. So what can you do? You can adapt.

Adapting a sling or narrow based carrier isn’t ideal for all occasions and shouldn’t be seen as a substitute for buying an ergonomic and well fitting carrier for extended use. But, if you’re in a pinch, adapting your existing sling or carrier will help ensure you and baby are well supported to undertake active babywearing activities, like dancing.

Remember, it’s always best use an ergonomic baby carrier or sling. It offers the best support for baby’s hips, legs and joints, and sits in a comfortable position to protect not only baby’s head and neck and spine but also the wearers back, shoulders and core.

How to ADAPT a Narrow Based style carrier, to give maximum support to carer and baby …

narrow based baby carriers at dancing

1- put on your carrier and check the size adjustments are set correctly. (Straps should be pulled tightly and high enough so that you are able to kiss your baby on his/her head)

2- fold your aprox. 2 meter long scarf in half and

3- tuck the scarf in between carrier and your tummy from the middle

4- open the scarf and take each half to each side of your body 

5- place your baby deep in the carrier facing you, support her bottom, legs and knees by the help of the scarf

6- tighten the scarf and gently lift baby’s knees. (Knees will become higher than her hipbones)

7- tuck the scarf in the side straps of your carrier

8 – knot on your back

9- now let’s dance😉

NOTE that- If carrier has a gap on the head part keep one hand to support your baby’s head and neck at most times during dancing!

FInd more on our Joimove International School of Babywearing Dance’s Youtube Channel

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