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Glasgow Joimovers at Merchant City Festival 2016

joimove mcf-2016
JOIMOVERS of Glasgow performed a Babywearing Family Dance Routine in Dance House Glasgow Community Stage at the Merchany City Festival 2016, MCF 2016.

This was Joimovers’ 3rd year at the Merchant City Festival where they shared their spirit of family dancing!
Glasgow Joimovers met with their babies, moms, grandmoms, friends at the Briggait, got ready their props and quickly practised the routine for the first time together. And right after they were off to the stage to have a great fun. Joimovers are non-rehearsal performers who are mostly non-dancers. They turn up at the day enjoy being dancing together and share their love of dancing with everyone.


Program at the Stage:

1pm – Introduction and welcome by Ailsa-Mary Gold
1.05pm – Dance House Glasgow Community Company
1.15pm – Overdrive
1.25pm – Jump
1.35pm – Dance House Glasgow Still Dancing
1.40pm – Ailsa-Mary little speech
1.50pm – Joimoves
2.00pm – Abinaya
2.10pm – Urbankis
2.20pm – Glasgow Capoeira
2. 30pm – Dance House Glasgow Community Company
2.40pm – Abinaya WORKSHOP


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