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“Love Is This” International Babywearing Dance Routine

The world of babywearing dance isn’t a large one so it was no wonder GroovaRoo Dance and Cool Mumz Dancin came onto Selen Yilmaz, our founder’s, radar.

After introductory emails and a few chats, it became apparent to Selen that Meeshi Ravi Anjali, co-founder of GroovaRoo Dance in San Diego California, and Intan Armelia, our recent JISBD student and founder of Cool Mumz Dancin in Singapore, had very similar ideologies and thoughts about babywearing dance.

So, in just three weeks, after online meetings and discussions (which is no easy feat between three countries and countless time zones), the three founders decided to hold the first ever global babywearing dance event.

More than just independent events in three locations, their vision was to hold flashmobs worldwide during the weekend of 21st and 22nd May. And that’s exactly what happened.

love is this

“Love is This”, a collaboratively created routine, brought together over 1000 families in the USA, Singapore, Turkey, Lithuania and Scotland to dance and share their love of babywearing dance.

Selen Yilmaz said of the event that “It was wonderful to see and hear of the excellent turn out for our inspirational event. All of us who collaborated believe that dancing with children is a fundamental way to grow happiness within the family unit. We feel that dance not only helps to build happier, more confident and caring children, but is a building block to help families create lasting relationships and esteem, through being active. That’s why we wanted to inspire our communities to take part and get to know the beauty that is babywearing dance.”

She continued by saying “More than just a dance routine, we also wanted to showcase the power of collaboration in creating community cohesion. Working together, we were able to show how babywearing dance transcends the boundaries of geography, it’s universal.

love is this by Joimove scotland

Although used for the initial global flashmob event, “Love is This was conceived as an introduction to the First International Babywearing Dance Day (IBDD), scheduled for Wednesday 21 September 2016.

Selen said she believes that they’ve only scratched the surface of the number of people who could benefit from and enjoy babywearing dance, and she hopes to find more people taking part in September for IBDD.

So, here’s to bringing increased happiness and joy across cultural and generational divides.

joimove groovaroo

Will we see you in September for IBDD? We’ll be looking out for you!

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