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Joyfulness Seminars by Selen

Joyful Parenting Seminar by Selen Yilmaz in Lithuania
Joyful parents after the seminar / Kaunas, Lithuania

Joyful Parenting

Learn to communicate joyfully
Learn to resolve conflict joyfully
Create a family motto

In our everyday lives, we parents carry the responsibilities of being an adult, partner, colleague, child, grandchild, sibling alongside our parenting role. We have so many titles and identities to deal with even it does not seem like that. Our communication styles and responses can become repetitive even when life continuously brings us new challenges. We may start to become tired and struggle to find enough time for ourselves, our friends, and our extended families.

Becoming joyful individuals help us to keeping a joyful perspective. We can transform many conflicts into resolutions and can bring so much joy into our homes and help us reorder our priorities with ease.

In this workshop, parents will re-examine the roles they play in their childrenโ€™s lives and will discover how children can be amazing roles models for us.

You will leave this workshop with the practical tools and activities you need to bring playfulness and joyfulness into your family life.

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