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Joyful Well-being with Joimove

Joimove Wellbeing Program

In life we need to put an effort to get the best out of our body. We use the same muscle groups in our daily routine and build pressure around the same parts of our body. We end up having aches and stiffness due to the lack of generic movements. We experience headaches and tiredness because our energy is not distributed in an effective way throughout the day.

It is all about how we look after our body and mind while taking care of our busy lives. There is not enough time for everything yet you can achieve so much with adding only a 40 minute Joimove workout to your daily routine.

I created the Joimove technique 7 years ago and have been teaching and practising it since then everyday. Before I had very stubborn and chronic injuries or fractures in my body due to long term ballet education and intense professional dancing life. Lower back pain, scoliosis, knee joints problems, norton toe and metatarsal, achilles and many more. Those pains were on and off but never disappeared completely even after I had stopped my life as a professional dancer. After giving birth I had new issues added to my list like coccydynia (tailbone pain), bursitis on elbows and bladder problems. By adding Joimove technique to my everyday routine my body started to heal and recover. There was a huge benefit of moving everyday in a gentle way, embracing my whole body, mind and soul with those special dance styles and joyful rituals.

When I designed Joimove I studied all of these and many more painful limitations that prevent a person getting the best out of the exercise routine. I brought all of professional dancing and teaching experience together, combined with health and safety and academic work to design unique Joimove technique. My goal was to create a gentle but exciting experience for all ages. Participants should adapt and adjust the level of impact suitable for themselves very easily and modify it during the sessions with confidence.

7 different music and movement styles in 40 minute workout

Salsa, cha cha and tarantella sets of Joimove and brings a great cardio mix to our practise. Belly dancing and bachata lets our body move in circular movements and gently massage all our joints.  Classical ballet does a magical work for posture and balance. Rock and roll and Tango is a fun way of nailing the footwork. And cooling down with mindfulness practices help us  to align our mind, body and soul beautifully. Each 40 minute session is always different as it is designed to remain spontaneous which stimulates focus, attention and muscle memory both for participants and for the instructor.

Once I created the framework I started practising every day. I worked with pregnant women, parents with young babies, toddlers and kids to find out different needs and create a wider range of modules for families. I worked with care home residents, hospital patients, kids and adults with special needs and their caregivers of all ages to develop an inclusive program for everybody. I trained hundreds of individuals as Joimove leaders globally and they built their own joyful communities to share Joimove technique. 

That’s why Joimove dance routines and music playlists are one of a kind and they are personalised for each country or local area on four continents. 

“Joimove music is a elixir of life”

Selection of music helps our mind prioritize joy and stay in the moment. Posture releases from tension, our body starts dancing in many different styles without being attached to the questions HOW? Joimove technique gives us a sense of freedom. The movement of joy here becomes almost hypnotic and following these special sets every day allows us to meet ourselves in a powerful way.

Join us today! Message me to get your free taster class. @selen.joimove on instagram and facebook or email me at [email protected]


Selen x

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