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Joimove Training in Taipei / November 2017

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Joimove Training in Taipei
7-11 November 2017

Joimove’s founder Selen has landed in Taiwan and was met by our amazing Joimove Asia community leaders. Joimove Instructor and Business Training has just began and we gathered together photos for you from an exciting day at Joimove Taiwan! Watch this space and follow our Joimove channels on facebook and instagram for updates from the Joimove live training sessions throughout the week and weekend.

Our wonderful trainees have completed their first day at Joimove training. 8 hours of study dedicated to health and safety at Joimove and learning joyful ways of communication to deliver the safety information suits for all ages. Now all set for the next 2 days!

[/az_column_text][az_gallery_images images_gallery=”2700,2697,2698,2701,2702,2696″ gallery_layout=”masonry-gallery” carousel_gallery_item=”6″ carousel_gallery_item_tablet=”3″ carousel_gallery_item_mobile=”1″ carousel_gallery_navigation=”false” carousel_gallery_pagination=”false” carousel_gallery_autoplay=”false” gallery_columns_count=”2clm”][az_column_text animation_loading=”no” animation_loading_effects=”fade_in”]Joimove’s founder Selen said: “Pure joy to be here, teaching and learning with wonderful women. I am loving it every single minute we share our message! World needs JOY, and we Joimovers are here for!

Joimove Taiwan’s Representative Diana Chendana said “There are so much love, joy and laughter on our 1st day of Joimove babywearing dancing training. We will have great bunch of baby wearing dance instructors. Thank you Selen Yılmaz for creating such a great program to encourage people to bond, move and communicate joyfully.”


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