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We all know how important it is for both children and adults to get moving everyday. Joimove Kids is a great way to be active and healthy together.

I LOVE this class!!! I have no dance experience and totally uncoordinated – yet I feel fantastic and welcome at this brilliant class!! – this is the only active class that I’ve attended that is so relaxed as to allow a sibling to do this, making the whole experience more accessible and fun for me!!

I laugh; I sweat and more importantly we are making friends together with my children – I would definitely recommend this class to any parent!

Emma- Mum / Scotland


Joimove® Kids syllabus has been designed both for adults and children. As in Joimove Babies classes, in Joimove Kids you and your kids will enjoy discovering new music and dance styles. As you learn elements of salsa, cha cha, merengue, rock and roll, sirtaki, Hawaiian, Balkan, African dance, belly, ballet, flamenco, and hip hop with your friends. Joimove Kids dance routines incorporate props to encourage your children to engage in dance. The classes are 40 minutes long and are typically booked in advance due to the smaller, special class size.


Joimove Kids Instructors are committed to supporting children’s self-esteem and allowing for self-expression while providing an opportunity for them to share their enjoyment of dance with their friends.

This class provides the benefits of dancing and music and at the same time boosts confidence with its unique routines and opportunities to build friendships.  Your child will be introduced to new forms of communication, such as drama, singing, creative and joyful expressions. It involves fusion of music and movements from Rock &Roll to Classical Ballet, Pop, Jazz, Salsa and Tango.





We are committed to making this world a happy place for people of all ages. It involves joy and moving together. All of our training programs have been created with unique, detailed content covering everything you need to start building your own Joimove community. We are looking for future Joimove leaders!

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