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Joimove – Babywearing Dance Safety Certification

Our New School!

We are so excited to be able to finally announce that we have launched the Babywearing Dance and Movement Safety Programmes at Joimove International School!!! After 9 months of collaborating with dance, fitness, early years, academic, and health professionals, we have developed two training and certification programmes that offer a new approach for babywearers, babywearing dance and fitness instructors, and individuals who work in the babywearing and parenting fields around the world.

We have created Babywearing Dance and Movement Safety training programme at our Joimove International School in response to the growing popularity of babywearing fitness and dance classes now available to parents with babies and young children. We want all individuals who work with babywearing parents and who participate in active babywearing to have access to quality training and information that has been developed and tested by dance, health, and babywearing professionals. Through our new school, Joimove International is now in a position to invite babywearers, parents, children, and professionals to train and stay safe and active.

So what’s in our exciting programme, you ask. The first step is to take our Principles of Babywearing Dance & Movement module. This course welcomes everyone to the acts of babywearing and babywearing dance and movement. It provides a survey of information on the benefits of babywearing and babywearing dance and movement and detailed health and safety information to help individuals wear and dance safely with a baby in a carrier or sling. It provides a refresher on babywearing and sling safety to experienced babywearers and contiuously applies this safety knowledge to active living, dance, and movement while babywearing. The course can be undertaken online or at one of our live trainings.

We would also like to say thanks to all of our inquirers who have been waiting for our big launch! We are very happy to announce that our much-anticipated first online class, Principles of Babywearing Dance & Movement, will begin on 1 April 2016!

After successfully completing the Principles of Babywearing Dance & Movement certificate, you can move on and train to become a certified Babywearing Dance Facilitator. Participants further develop their skills and knowledge about safely moving and dancing while babywearing and gain the skills needed to instruct others in babywearing dance and movement classes, sessions, and workshops. They are also introduced to teaching pedagogy and positive communication that will help build their confidence as instructors and strengthen their ability to reach a wider range of students.

Great news – you don’t have to wait until April to sign up! Our training modules are suitable for those who are new to babywearing, babywearing peer supporters and professionals, dance and fitness instructors, new and expecting parents, health and wellness professionals, and those who want to make a change in their lives and their communities. Contact us today to receive your own course enrolment pack that contains detailed information about our certification and training programmes and everything you need to register to be part of JIS’s first class! Sign up online or email [email protected]om and become a part of this ground-breaking movement in safe, active babywearing. Let’s work together to set new standards in safety and training!

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