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Joimove Babies is an award winning family-oriented organisation that helps mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children socialise by dancing together. Through Joimove Babies, you can introduce your baby not only to new friends, but also wonderful world of babywearing, new styles of music and movement including latin dance, ballet, and belly.

‘This class is so much fun – great exercise and very sociable – everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

My daughter Ailsa loves it too. Highly recommended!’


Joimove Babies International runs sessions and events for families by certified instructors across the world. You do not need any dance or fitness experience. We make sure that adults and babies feel welcome and safe in a friendly environment and have lots of fun altogether. Classes are 40 minutes long and typically run as drop-in classes but we advise get in touch with your instructor in advance to reserve your space or would like to book a carrier for your little one.


The Joimove Babies syllabus has been specially designed by the founder of JOIMOVE, Selen Yilmaz: a ballerina mom, dance professional, babywearer and dance teacher who trained in anatomy, pedagogy, music and movement for all ages and all abilities, with input in its development from academics, babywearing professionals, health visitors and early years experts.

All instructors promote the Joimove values: gentle parenting, safe babywearing, active living and free expression of celebrating life.

All certified Joimove Instructors receive a unique identification number, complete regular assessments, and are able to update their knowledge through our annual refreshment trainings


The Joimove Babies Program aims to:

● Reflect JOIMOVE’s values and vision to make the world a happier place for people of all ages

● Connect parents and carers with babies through dancing, one of the oldest non-verbal communication style in the world

● Promote bonding between family members and develop a joyful relationship

● Introduce parents to the babywearing lifestyle

● Socialise adults with babies in their community and create new opportunities for connections

● Support parents to become babywearers with guidance for safe and ergonomically correct ways of babywearing

● Train individuals to become Joimove  Babies Certified Instructors to run their own dancing community

● Run and hold fundraising events to help people in need and change lives for the better.


With Joimove Babies classes, parents and babies enjoy;

  • salsa, cha cha, bachata, boogie, swing, classical balet, belly dancing, rock n roll.
  • warm up and cool down routines,
  • healty snacks and water,
  • avaliable baby carriers from class stock,
  • before or after class meet-ups,
  • sling meets,
  • babywearing workshops,
  • celebrations and fundraising events,
  • JOIMOVE families performances and flash-mob dances
  • being part of JOIMOVE International Community

The recommended minimum age for a baby is 8 weeks. We also recommend that mothers wait until they have had their six-week postnatal check-up with their health care provider. Please take a look at our Babywearing Dance Safety tutorial and get in touch with your local class instructor to receive your Joimove class information and babywearing dance safety package.


Our Instructors are committed to making this world a happier place for people of all ages. All of our training programs have been created with unique, detailed content covering everything you need to start building your own babywearing dance community. 

Think you’re ready to join us? Get in touch today!

To find a Joimove Babies class near you, click here.

The recommended minimum age for a baby to attend Joimove Babies classes is 8 weeks. We also recommend that mothers wait until they have had their six-week postnatal check-up with their health care provider. If you have had a C-Section, the recommendation is usually to wait 12 weeks before carrying out any form of exercise. However, everyone is different. Make sure that you have been given the go ahead by your health care provider before attending the class.

It is important that you wear something that is light and comfortable for exercising while wearing your baby. Shoes should be flat (trainers etc.); heels are not recommended.


Babies should also be comfortable. Your baby in his or her carrier will get warmer as your body gets warmer with exercise. Toddlers should also be dressed in comfortable, cool clothing and, if possible, in layers which can be removed if they get too warm.


No dance experience is required. The dance routines are gentle and designed for mums with babies and toddlers also in mind. You are welcome to take a break and/or tend to your baby at any point during the class or simplify the moves to suit your level. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the class.


You may use whatever carrier or sling that you wish that is safe and comfortable. Younger babies are best in the tummy-to-tummy upright position, seated nice and high and facing mum or dad. With older/heavier babies, it may be easier and more comfortable for you to wear them on your back, but the important thing is that you choose what you feel is best for you and your little one.


Good soft-structured carriers, slings, and wraps are designed to carry children up to preschool age. Babies being carried in our Joimove Babies classes can be up to 18 months of age. At that point, participants should consider attending our Dance with Toddlers classes that incorporate dance and props to engage children in dance. Toddlers are not carried in the Joimove Toddlers classes.


In Joimove Babies classes, we find that babies, even when they haven’t been worn before, love to be in the sling or carrier, especially when dancing together with mum or a guardian. If they don’t like the carrier after you start dancing, you can try taking them out of the carrier and carrying your baby in your arms, or placing baby down in their buggy while you join in the class. Babies who can walk are free to walk around and dance with their parent instead of being in the sling or carrier.


Siblings are welcome to attend our classes.

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