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International Babywearing Dance Day 2017

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Joimove International and International Babywearing Dance Day 2017

Joimove Scotland / Babywearing Dance Day

Joimove is so happy to be taking a leading role again this year in organising International Babywearing Dance Day, IBDD2017. On 21 September 2017 and during the week and weekend, babywearing dance groups from all over the world will be celebrating their love of safe babywearing dance by taking part in a global flash mob by dancing the new ‘Mother Earth’ routine to Madre Tierra’s ‘Chayanne’.

This year Joimove’s staff and volunteers are playing key roles in administrative tasks, organising the event, creating marketing materials, and answering questions about the day as they come in from across the globe. But you won’t just find Joimove’s influence behind the scenes. We are so happy to announce that we have Joimovers in 12 countries busy planning their own events to get more parents and children dancing!

That’s right! Joimovers will be running events in 12 countries, including Scotland, the USA, Lithuania, Turkey, and Taiwan. Babywearers in these countries and many more are busy learning the new dance routine “Mother Earth” and planning to take part on 21 September, plus they’ll record their performances to share with their friends, members of the IBDD community, and a global online audience.

Want to take part in an IBDD event? Contact IBDD at [email protected], check the IBDD Facebook page and Instagram account for updates, and visit the IBDD website,  for more information about this amazing celebration. Join us today!



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