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Exciting News from Joimove Singapore!

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Two of our newest Joimovers, Tiffany and Kevin, are already bringing joy and togetherness to families in Singapore!

Working alongside local politician, Patrick Tay, Tiffany and Kevin are developing a community-led initiative to celebrate the birth of newborn babies and the growth of young families in their region through a series of Embracing Parenthood Celebrations. These events include family-oriented activities, gifts, and support to strengthen familial bonds for families with children born in 2017 and 2018.

Families are able to come together to share joy, socialise, get informed, and form connections with other families in their communities as part of the new ‘embracing parenthood movement’. Dancing together is at the centre of their activities, and Tiffany is excited to be the Chairperson of the new Joimove Families community that they are building.

Congratulations go out to Tiffany, Kevin, and Mr. Tay. We can’t wait to see how this exciting venture reaches more families and gets more people dancing!

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