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Joimove at the Doune the Rabbit Hole Music Festival – August 2016

Kristine, our Joimove Instructor from Glasgow South, has shared with us her thoughts on bringing Joimove to Doune the Rabbit Hole Music Festival, last week.

Hello Joimovers,

I hope this summer has been good to you  🙂 and offered you all you wished for!

For me, summer is all about blue skies, warming sunshine, enjoying lots of fresh air outside and of course time with my family. But one thing I also love about summer is that it’s Festival season. Every year, I try to go to at least one festival and this year was no exception. More than just being outside listening to amazing music, I love festivals because they’re a place where I can dance.

Never before I have been in festival in UK because thought about changing weather and never ending mud bath has always put me off. Here in Scotland you need to be ready for all seasons in one day – that is what they say when talking about weather. But, Doune the Rabbit Hole Music Festival in Stirlingshire, Scotland really got me motivated to try one out. It seemed like a cool fest to check out, not only because of the many bands, stalls and activities, but because I saw it as the perfect place to spread the joy of dancing. It’s a very family-oriented festival, -and they host Joimove last year as Dance with Babies and Toddlers-, so it just seemed like the best place to share the beauty of dancing together, and introducing everyone to Joimove. 

With it being right at my doorstep, I thought “hey, I can bring my gear and it would be totally fun!” So I contacted the organisers and received a great welcome for the Joimove Family Dance workshop in their festival programme.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from having a workshop at the Doune the Rabbit Hole, but you know what, it was great fun! Although my class was on the third day of the festival (so people were probably sleep-deprived), there was plenty of energy. Although many parents weren’t quite as fresh as the kids (who had TONS of energy), there were plenty of happy smiling faces from both adults and kids. We danced salsa, rock’n’roll, ballet and all the usual styles you’d get at a typical Joimove class. It really was just like being in a regular wonderful Joimove class, only in a tent at a music festival.

Never been to a festival before? I can totally recommend it! It’s the perfect place to share the moment with your family and get a boogie on. Take the plunge, pack some wellies, your waterproofs, sunscreen, a few T-shirts, your dancing spirit and go! And your kids will love it to! Wherever you go, be a Joimover – dance and have fun together! 


Kristine Meistere
Certified Joimove Babies, Kids Instructor


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