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S E L E N  J O I M O V E
W I T H  P A U L A  D U M A S , P H D

Welcome to the world of dancing with babies! You’ve probably seen the viral videos of parents taking ballet and dance classes with their little ones all snuggled in their wraps, or dads grooving with their babies in their carriers. Now it’s your turn to join in the fun!

Dance With Babies®: The Babywearing Dance Book will introduce you to how much fun it is to dance with your baby. In the book, we talk about babywearing and dancing, fitting more dance into your day, the importance of dance in bringing the whole family together, how dancing can help baby sleep, and so much more! Let professional ballet dancer, babywearing consultant, and International Joyfulness Organisation’s founder Selen Joimove guide you to a new way of being connected to the littlest members of your family. Dance your way to a happier, healthier you!


Take the first step towards a new way of living with your family by adding dance and babywearing into your daily routine. Build up your confidence in your natural dancing abilities. Find the help you need to choose the right baby carrier for you, your baby, and for dancing. Make new friends by joining a babywearing dance class near you. Get your whole family moving.

Dance With Babies®: The Babywearing Dance Book looks at topics that we feel are the most important parts for you to be able to enjoy dancing safely with your baby. We try to answer as many questions for you about babywearing dance as we can. Come with us as we explore the wonderful world of dancing with babies!

Practise How To:
1) Develop and strengthen the bond between parent and child
2) Wear baby safely
3) Move comfortably while babywearing

Life gets easier and happier when you dance your way through it! What are you waiting for?!

“Dance is universal.
Dance is beauty.
Dance bridges souls.
Dance is love.”



Selen Joimove is the founder of the International Joyfulness Organisation, Joimove®, and is a professional ballerina with a Classical Ballet BSc and internationally certified Babywearing Consultant. She has studied anatomy, music and dance pedagogy, and babywearing. With 20 years of experience performing and teaching ballet, modern dance, latin, and Argentine tango,  Selen worked with world famous dance masters before becoming a mother to her courageous little girl and entering the world of babywearing dance.

Selen created the Joimove Babies phenomenon after searching for a way to work with her baby by her side and bring joy to other new moms in her community. Soon her joyful babywearing dance classes were in demand across Scotland and abroad. Selen now travels the world, meeting with individuals to share her unique instruction techniques and knowledge with other dancers, parents, babywearers and instructors. She frequently holds live and online classes, workshops, and lectures to share her joyful teachings with others and leads a community of Joimovers that stretches across the globe.


Paula Dumas is an author, historian, lecturer, and a mother of three amazing young children. Paula wore all three, beginning with a stretchy hybrid wrap when her first daughter was a newborn before moving onto woven wraps and soft structured carriers as her children grew and she learned more about babywearing. She has also studied ballet, tap, jazz, and musical theatre. Paula brought her children to Selen’s babywearing dance classes since 2013. For the past five years, Paula has contributed to Joimove’s online Instructor education and training programmes.


Book Title: Dance with Babies
Subtitle: The Babywearing Dance Book
Release Date: June 2020
Price: RRP £7.99
ISBN: 978-0-9957722-8-1
Email: [email protected]

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Selen’s first book,  Dance Your Life Up is currently available in Turkish:


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