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What is JOIMOVE?

JOIMOVE is an international movement that works to create a positive influence in the world by connecting individuals of all ages through dance.

The Joimove dance technique is a unique combination of world dance disciplines, music from all time periods, and joyful communication. One Joimove session brings classical ballet, latin dances, rock and roll, flamenco, tango, belly dancing and joyful meditation into the community.

What does JOIMOVE mean?

The name ‘JOIMOVE’ has been derived from the words ‘joy’ ‘join’ and ‘movement’: Join the movement, enjoy the moment!

Why Joimove’s Training Programs?

We have formed a chain of joimovers led by trained, fully-qualified, dedicated, passionate, and loving instructors, movements leaders who are ambassadors for this vision. With Joimove you can teach a wide range of modules for all ages and abilities, from pre-natal and post-natal mothers to babies, kids, teens, adults, and the elderly.


We never miss an opportunity to move in order to celebrate life and to change lives for the better, and we are growing with love, commitment, and passion. Come and join us on this journey! Let’s go dancing for everything that is good, positive, and worthy of love.


Founder / Selen Yilmaz

Education and E-Learning / Dr. Paula Dumas

Parenting  / Dr. Aslihan Onaran

Dance and Movement Therapy / Ruta Lelyte

Babywearing  /Diana Chendana

Physiotheraphy and Women’s Health / Gina Quinn

Healthy Living / Ceyda Tavukcular

Early Years Dancing / Nur Niyaz Bildik

PR & Branding / Selin Keleser


Diana Chendana

Joimove Taiwan Representative Certified Joimove Babies Instructor Babywearing Consultant

Gina Quinn

Physiotherapist MSc BSc (Hons) MCSP HCPC registered / Consultant at Joimove

Ceyda Tavukcular

Holistic Health Consultant at Joimove, Educator at Hippocrates Health Institute and

Dr Paula Dumas


Dr. Aslıhan Tokgöz Onaran (Ph.D)

US-Accredited Founder-Leader, Attachment Parenting International (API) Consultant at Joimove

Hollie Pita Carr

Best Selling Author, Coach, Business & Charity Innovator

Vanessa Leamy Corsini

National Representative of Italy, International Tango Artist and Teacher

Mehmet Nuri Arkan

Principal at Istanbul State Ballet & Joimove Ambassador

Tiffany and Kevin Lim

Joimove Singapore Representatives, Certified Joimove Instructors

Fırat Neziroglu

Joimove Ambassador, International Weaving Artist, Dancer

Gozde Durgu Kirbiyik

Ballerina, JOIMOVE Babies & Kids & Ladies Instructor

Eszter Szalma

Joimove London Representative, Owner of Eszter Szalma Dance School

Ruta Ambrozaitiene

National Representative Lithuania / Dance Therapy Consultant at Joimove

Nur Niyaz Bildik

National Representative Joimove Turkey, Founder and Choreographer at NBDT

Didem Mulayimsi

Joimove Ambassador, Founder of 37 Arts Center, Piano Teacher

Annalisa Fedele

Midwife /Certified Joimove Instructor Bournemouth, UK

Basak Ozbek Bostan

Ballet Dancer at Antalya State Ballet, Joimove Trainee

Julia Lorincz Dressler

National Representative Joimove Ireland, Social Worker, Certified Joimove Instructor

Melis Tutenyurd

Joimove Representative Izmir, Certified Joimove Instructor

Kristina Butkiene

Kristina Butkiene / Joimove Babies Instructor

Indre Neimante

Indre Neimante / Joimove Klaipeda, Lithuania

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson / Certified Joimove Instructor

Lauksmina Kriščiūnaitė Plikšnienė

Musician, Dancer, Certified Joimove Instructor

Julia Sepsi

Joimove Babies & Kids Instructor / Ireland

Ebru Tural

Certified Joimove Babies Instructor

Mariana Granados Wiseman

National Representative Mexico, Certified Joimove Instructor


Certified Joimove Babies Instructor Taipei, Taiwan

Phoebe Chiang

Certified Joimove Babies Instructor Taipei, Taiwan

Zehra Dorter

Certified Joimove Babies Instructor Istanbul Turkey

Ally Baker

Clinical Psychologist, Certified Joimove Babies Instructor

Joana Gudziuniene

Certified Joimove Community Instructor


Creating a world where we all feel loved and able to freely enjoy celebrating life.


Our mission is to be a positive influence in the world by adding movement to the everyday and enriching the mind, body and spirit by creating educational, cultural and physical activities for individuals of all ages.

JOIMOVE creates a positive impact in the world, connecting individuals of all ages to make the world a better place.

To achieve our vision and mission, JOIMOVE:

  • Creates dance and movement-based social projects
  • Designs educational modules
  • Trains dance and movement leaders and franchisees
  • Organises cultural events
  • Runs fundraising events

JOIMOVE is dedicated to:

  • Making dance accessible to everyone
  • Encouraging individuals to get moving
  • Connecting families and creating communities
  • Providing opportunities for individuals to express themselves and have fun
  • Believing in the power of moving together
  • Inspiring families to improve their health and happiness
  • Enjoying and celebrating life through free expression and creating a positive, social and integrated atmosphere

JOIMOVE is Institutional Member of CID, UNESCO, Associate Member of People Dancing, the Foundation for Community Dance, Organisational Member of One Dance UK and Attachment Parenting International.

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