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5 Reasons Why We Love Babywearing

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5 Reasons Why We Love Babywearing

It’s no secret that all of us here at Joimove love babywearing. The very first Joimove class, Joimove Babies, celebrated babywearing by mixing safe babywearing with dance and movement.

Family health professionals, paediatricians, physiotherapists, psychologists and babywearing experts alike all know that there are plenty of benefits of babywearing for baby; from helping to sooth colic and create a safe sleeping environment, to deepening the connection between baby and wearer, babywearing helps us to create joyful parenting moments and encourages a nurturing touch.

So let’s take a look at five great reasons why we love to wear babies!

1- Freedom to Move

When baby is safe, warm, and snuggled into her carrier or wrap, we can go for a walk, hop on a bus, or even get moving to some great music. Carrying babies in a carrier distributes weight equally, unlike when they’re being carried in arms, and is more comfortable for the wearer and baby alike. With the right carrier or wrap we’re free to go anywhere we want!

2- Security

Choosing an ergonomically designed carrier should help maintain correct posture and give full support for baby while preventing lower back pain for the carer. The right wrap or carrier is sized to a child’s needs and provides ergonomically correct support for baby’s head, neck, spine, hips and legs. When worn correctly, baby (or toddler) is safe and secure. What a great feeling!

3- Bonding

Chest-to-chest (face-in) carrying is wonderful for building that crucial bond between parent and child. Baby listens to our heartbeats, feels our breathing, and is reassured that he or she is loved and supported by their caregiver. When we wear our babies comfortably and safely, and maybe dance a few smooth moves while keeping our hearts open, we find a joy that lasts.

4- Relaxing

Let’s not forget about one of those great moments in parenting in new baby: helping baby fall asleep! As one of our Joimovers shared,My little girl was not a sleeper. She’d sleep less than an hour at a time around the clock. I popped into a lovely stretchy wrap and – guess what – three solid hours of sleep while I got to relax and simply enjoy being her.” Amazing! Do you have colicky baby? A snuggle and some gentle movement or rocking while in a carrier can help to calm and sooth your little one.

5- Cuddles

Who doesn’t love cuddles?! Cuddling, hugging, and holding our babies close to us is vital to growing their sense of security, assisting their development, and strengthening the parent-child bond that we all want to have with our children for the rest of our lives. Hold your baby close and give her/him a big cuddle today!

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