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Babywearing Safety to Babywearing Dance Safety – PEACE

This is our motto: “Never miss a chance to dance!” but with our little ones, safety comes first!

We love all dances, especially babywearing dance. We believe it’s the key to creating strong emotional, physical and intellectual bonds with our baby, a way to communicate love through movement.

While dancing and movement is the main activity, doing it safely comes first. Everybody, including baby, needs to feel comfortable, calm and safe. Without this, there is some sharing the moment but less learning,  less comfort and less joy.



Anyone who danced with us during our Dance with Babies classes will remember that movement safety was much more of a concern than babywearing safety. However through training, developing safety formulas with experts, better understanding and education, we’ve learned that the safety of baby and wearer is actually the most important part of any class, even more important than the dancing itself.

That’s why all of our Instructors are taught about post natal health, the PEACE babywearing dance guidelines and the importance of environmental safety.

We know it’s not safe to see baby dangling in a sling as you’re dancing. We know it’s not safe to see baby in a sling that’s too big or too small when you’re dancing. We know it’s not safe to see baby’s head and neck swinging around as you dance to the music. We know it’s not safe to bounce, jerk or jump to the music when baby is in your sling. That’s why all of our Instructors are equipped with knowledge to help class participants and babies feel safe and happy.

And it’s not only about baby’s safety. We know that if the wearer is uncomfortable, feeling sore or hurting than the experience won’t be a positive one for baby or wearer. Not only that, but wearing baby incorrectly or in an ill-fitting carrier can cause pressure to yours and your baby’s spine.

It’s also not only about physical safety. Environmental safety, hearing safety, movement safety, women’s health and baby development are also key. While you can change your environment, stop if sore or take a breath if too hot, our babies don’t have that option. They can’t lower the music if it’s too loud or turn down the heat if it’s too hot. They can’t take off a jumper if they’re getting too sweaty or tell you they’ve had enough, using words. It’s up to us, as Joimove Instructors and as caregivers, to ensure a safe environment to live, laugh and learn.

joimove babies babywearing dance

Unfortunately, we know there are many classes out there that don’t consider safety in the same way that we do. We see them online, on TV and have witnessed them in person. Perhaps the instructors are thinking that ensuring the babywearing TICKS is more than enough to keep baby safe during their dance or exercise class. Or maybe they think “oh it’s only 30 minutes, what can happen”? Worst of all, maybe they just don’t know even there is a babywearing safety issue at all.

That’s what makes Joimove different. We understand the importance of safety for every class participant; from baby to grandmother. We work hard to ensure every one of our classes, workshops and events are safe. We take safety seriously and share our knowledge with you through our Joimove International School of Dancing team and programs on how to make dancing with your baby a beautiful and wonderful experience.

It should be everyone’s responsibility to be self-aware of safety. Let’s remember to support our baby’s head, neck and spine when dancing. Let’s take care of our own spine and joints so we can dance without pain. New moms, let’s give our bodies time to recover and revitalise after birth. Dress in layers, bring fluid for hydration and ensure the room isn’t too warm. But most of all, let’s make sure we feel safe, we feel secure and we feel comfortable when we are dancing, exercising or leading these sessions.

PEACE Babywearing Dance Safety Guidelines

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